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Maneko, "cat" in Japanese, was born as an idea of a meme coin that should bring luck and wealth, being funny at the same time. It comes from Maneki-Neko · 招き猫

Our member, who is longer in the Cardano family then the rest of us, smashed our idea.
- Guys! There is only one true meme coin on Cardano: $HOSKY Token
We got back to the drawing board.

After some struggle. Bang! Maneko Rebirth. Game with play to earn / play to win elements. Can be funny, can bring you luck and wealth (well, depends of the definition of wealth - please don't ask wen lambo). This is how meme coin idea pivoted to online game project that aims to be fully decentralized. Your own game.

Our team consists of developers (from different areas), community and media manager, and digital artist. Team expansion is planned in the near future (yes we know, web developer is a must).

No, definitely not at this stage. We prefer to call it gaming project with metaverse-like elements. We know what does it take to build large multiplayer game, let alone the metaverse.

...then you are early. We are not playing FOMO card here. You can be a part of Maneko family without buying anything or any investment. There will be multiple roles during the development stage and later. When we say "you are early" it means OG, early adopter.

We are preparing lightpaper at the moment, here is just a small snapshot:

  • Q1 2022
    • idea was born - meme coin - fun, luck and wealth
    • idea smashed by Cardano fam member - there is only one true meme coin on Cardano
    • but we already have the art
    • back to the drawing board
  • Q2 2022
    • Maneko Rebirth
    • core team set-up
    • tech stack specification
    • project draft
  • Q3 2022
    • development kick-off
    • decent website release
    • lightpaper release
    • team expansion
    • 3d assets design and creation start
    • "Maneko Heritage" mint (funds to expedite development)
  • Q4 2022
    • even more development
    • buying better coffee maker (for developers)
    • 3d artists hate us, we have to give them something nice
    • whitepaper release
  • 2023
    • Maneko Game release
    • Maneko Club mvp release
    • TBA

In Q3 2022 we want to carry out "Maneko Heritage" mint to collect some funds to expedite development process. Hodlers of this collection will have special role in our community and will be entitled to extra perks. Supply and price TBA.

This number (8) has some special meaning. You will see this here and there. It will for sure be in one of the quizzes that we will be organizing. Find out and maybe you will win the prize?

No, not at all. Few of us worked on big projects and we know what to expect. There will be blood, sweat, tears and a lot of coffee. We will share progress of our development with the community. Our plan is that Maneko family will be taking part in decision making very soon. In the end it should be fully decentralized project.

A small request from us - don't hate us for grammar or spelling errors, we are mostly non native English speakers.

And before you ask - yes, we know that there is already a "project" called m a n e k o . f i n a n c e we are not related in any way. Before you interact with them (we don't encourage) please DYOR, review tweets, roadmap, whitepaper, etc.


Maneko Club · Maneko Coin · Maneko Game · Maneko World

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